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A business was Jose's dream ever since he was in school. He took commercial business classes in San Luis Potosi Mexico. After he finished school we worked long hard hours to start his own business in Mexico. After he came to the harsh reality that it was not going to be possible in Mexico he decided to come to the US.

In 1974 bringing his wife Francisca Rodriguez and Daughter they came ready to live the American Dream and ever since they got to the US they've worked on everything labor, factories ect.

Then started to go to fairs, concerts and also flea markets to sell western apparel. These venues encouraged Jose Angel to purchase a store front in 1992 located at 5698 Vernor Hwy, Detroit, MI 48209 and the business has been there since.

Which they named Rodriguez Vaquerita because they came from a humble life on a rich and the cowboy lifestyle. Vaquerita coming from the word vaquero which means cowboy and Rodriguez being his last name they have been in the same location ever since 1992. Where you can find a variety of western clothing hats and boots of all brands and prices. Rodriguez Vaquerita has always focused on customer service and quality in their products.


For 28 years Jose and Francisca worked as a team, in which they have met wonderful customers and soon became an all-time favorite western apparel location for customer near and far over the years.

After 28 years Jose and Francisca decided to retire in 2019, the business has been passed on to their children who operate the store today and the business remains the same with the exception that Jose Jr and Francisca are bringing technology and their own touch to the business.

Jose and Francisca seniors still come by to make sure their customers are always taken care of and speaks to the families passion for their craft.

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